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Welcome to the New Executive Committee

On December 6, 2014 a new executive committee was elected for MOSES, effective immediately.

jhancockPresident: Rev. Jerry Hancock, First Congregational
Designated Vice President: Belinda Richardson, Breaking Barriers
Vice President: Bev Buhr, James Reeb UU Congregation
Vice President: Caliph Muab-El, Breaking Barriers
Vice President for Recruitment: Morris Waxler, First Unitarian Society
Secretary: Susan Millar, First Unitarian Society
Assistant Secretary: Nancy Kosseff, First Unitarian Society
Treasurer: Ann Lacy, Plymouth Congregational UCC
Financial Secretary: Pat Anderson, First Unitarian Society

A blueprint for achieving 11×15 by 2015

MOSES has worked for 2 years with other state affiliates of WISDOM on the 11×15 campaign, with the goal of reducing the prison population in Wisconsin from 22,000 to 11,000 by the end of 2015.  Now at the start of 2015 there is a clear blueprint to arrive at this goal. Can we do it? Yes we can!

On December 10, 2014, over 150 people representing the ten WISDOM affiliates gathered at the state capitol for a press conference at which WISDOM representatives—including MOSES members Na’Zeeya Bey, Judy Cooper, Kate Edwards, Jerry Hancock, and Carol Rubin—spoke passionately about each section of the plan, before delivering copies of the 11×15 Blueprint for ending Mass Incarceration in Wisconsin to the offices of senators and assembly members from around the state.  In the afternoon, ten WISDOM work groups were formed to achieve the 23 Calls to Action specified in blueprint.

How can Wisconsin reduce the prison population by almost 10,000 in one year?

3,000 through TAD, or Treatment Alternatives and Diversions programs 2,800 potential parolees, who, though eligible, have not been paroled because they were sentenced before “truth in sentencing” became the law, and so their sentences presumed parole after requirements were met 4,000 through reducing revocations that are due to infractions of rules rather than new crimes = 9,800 people each year who aren’t in prison.

To learn more about how to advocate for justice in Wisconsin, download the blueprint at   Contact the MOSES office at  or (608) 622-2360  for a hard copy of the blueprint, or to learn how to get involved with a work group.

A Call for Reflections on Solitary Confinement Cell

A model of a solitary confinement cell has been traveling around Madison for the past several months. Anyone, who saw that exhibit in any of its locations, is invited to write the Communications Committee about their thoughts and reflections regarding the exhibit. Send your submissions to!

Do you have an upcoming social justice event that you think MOSES members might be interested in? Do you have an article or item to submit to the Newsletter? Send all submissions with necessary information to the MOSES communications committee for inclusion on the official calendar and newsletter at!cropped-moses_logo_2c_wtext.jpg


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