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From WISDOM: “Rev. Jerry Hancock, president of our MOSES affiliate in Madison, has a very fine opinion piece in the Cap Times.  You can emphasize the message by telling Governor Walker that you saw the piece and that you, also, want a response to ideas included in Rev. Hancock’s article. 

These ideas would save as much as $210 million in the state budget over the next two years.   As Rev. Hancock says, “due diligence demands that these realistic alternatives to the mindless increase in the cost of prisons in Wisconsin be seriously considered by the Legislature during the budget-making process”.

Click here and put your zip code in the top right box to find your state legislative representatives. Tell them the same message. It’s easy. Your message doesn’t have to be long or clever.

Plan to join us in Madison on April 29 to learn more about these proposals, found in our Blueprint to End Mass Incarceration in Wisconsin, and help bring them to reality.”

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