Meeting with Governor Walker and What You Can Do Now

WISDOM leaders met with Governor Walker’s Office

About 100 WISDOM leaders from across Wisconsin and allied groups held a rally and press conference at graceEpiscopal Church in Madison.  Following this meeting the group headed over to meet with Governor Walker’s office.

The meting with the Governor’s office was regarding Old Law prisoners.  The Old Law refers to men and women that were sentenced under policies that expected prisoners to demonstrate good behavior and complete program conditions to earn an early release.  When the new Truth in Sentencing policy came into effect, law mandated that time sentenced equal time served and time being incarcerated was adjusted to reflect this policy.  It is estimated that there are thousands of men and women that are stuck between these two policies that have no way to earn release through parole.

A delegation of 8 WISDOM leaders including Christian, Muslim, and Islamic religious leaders met for an hour with Waylon Hurlburt the Senior Policy Analyst to the governor.   Hurlburt said the Governor had not known about this issue but added that Walker has interest and has promised a meeting before the end of January to consider and respond to our asks to:

  1. Review the cases of each prisoner that was sentenced under the Old Law
  2. Direct the Parole Commission and the Department of Corrections to work together to create a path to parole for these men and women
  3. Call for a study and issue a public report to offer transparency to the number of prisoners this would impact and how the issue would be resolved


Call Governor Walker’s office and thank him for the meeting and let him know that you look forward to a positive response in the meeting with WISDOM next month.  Governor Walker’s phone number is (608) 266-1212.

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