Marquette to display segregation cell, co-sponsor forum on prisons

Officials at Marquette University and at WISDOM, a statewide group of faith leaders and activists, are joining together to educate the public about solitary confinement in Wisconsin.

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Channel3000 editorial on crimeless revocation

neil_heinen_editorialThis week Neil Heinen and Channel3000 endorsed the idea that people who have not committed new crimes should not be returned to prison (i.e. no crimeless revocatons).

The editorial also mentions the public forum  announcing a new report (Excessive Revocations In Wisconsin) that documents the damage done by crimeless revocations both to the person directly impacted and also to their family and to their community.

Channel3000 joins a growing movement that is critical of crimeless revocations. This movement points out that states using alternative sanctions (other than reincarceration) with with people on probation or parole not only save money but they they reduce violent crime.

FRANK DAVIS speaks about re-entry barriers in Wisconsin

Prisoners returning to society after serving a sentence face discrimination and many barriers to re-entry. A group of former inmates are working to ensure that those returning to society after a prison term are accepted as valued members of the community.

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Teenage Girl Attacked by Police in Madison Wisconsin

Marquette University Exhibit Brings to Light Topic of Solitary Confinement

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Imagine being locked up in a room the size of a bathroom for 23 hours a day with no access to the outside world except mail and prison guards.

This is the life of someone in solitary confinement. This week, Marquette University’s Campus Ministry and a faith-based organization known as “WISDOM” are bringing attention to this subject.

An exact replica of what life is like on the inside is now on display in the lobby of the school’s library.

Program organizers want to point out, in their opinion, how inhumane and unjust this type of incarceration can be if it goes beyond a period of 15 days.

We did reach out to the Department of Corrections for a comment. It says the department “has been working on restrictive housing reform for several years, which has included adding programming and psychological staff. The Department remains focused on our mission of protecting the public, our staff and those in our charge.”

The solitary prison cell replica will be on display through Friday. If you want to spend 45 minutes alone in the confined area, you can call 414-841-2762 to reserve a space.Marquette and WISDOM will convene a public forum on ending mass incarceration from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 18, at Marquette Hall.  This is located on the 1100 block of W. Wisconsin Ave., next to Gesu Church.

MOSES in the News

From WISDOM: “Rev. Jerry Hancock, president of our MOSES affiliate in Madison, has a very fine opinion piece in the Cap Times.  You can emphasize the message by telling Governor Walker that you saw the piece and that you, also, want a response to ideas included in Rev. Hancock’s article. 

These ideas would save as much as $210 million in the state budget over the next two years.   As Rev. Hancock says, “due diligence demands that these realistic alternatives to the mindless increase in the cost of prisons in Wisconsin be seriously considered by the Legislature during the budget-making process”.

Click here and put your zip code in the top right box to find your state legislative representatives. Tell them the same message. It’s easy. Your message doesn’t have to be long or clever.

Plan to join us in Madison on April 29 to learn more about these proposals, found in our Blueprint to End Mass Incarceration in Wisconsin, and help bring them to reality.”

Solitary Confinement Cell Replica & #ReformNow Video

The replica of a solitary confinement cell will be installed at First Congregational Church in Madison, WI from January 4 – January 10, 2015.

The cell will be available for viewing during the following times:

  • solitary-confinement-flyerSunday, Jan 4: 10am worship service
  • Tuesday, Jan 6: 1-4 pm
  • Thursday, Jan 8: 1-4 pm and 6-8 pm
  • Saturday, Jan 10: 9-noon (Tour before or after the monthly MOSES meeting!)


Also, view the Reform Now video on Solitary Confinement including footage from the October 1 rally at the State Capitol:


View Testimony from MOSES members at the July 9 event #ReformWiscDOCNow

Here are some video testimonies from the July 9th event at the State Capitol. Please share! Scroll down on the Home page to see more information and links to press regarding this event.

More press from July 9 #ReformWiscDOCNow

Check out the front page story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from Sunday, July 13!
Also, Journal Sentinal columnist James Causey, who was at the July 9th event all day, wrote this column entitled A Wisconsin epidemic: imprisoning black men.

WISDOM and MOSES Call to #ReformWiscDOCNow at State Capitol July 9, 2014

On Wednesday, July 9, 2014, many diverse interfaith groups and justice advocates gathered at the Wisconsin State Capitol for WISDOM’s press conference and to speak to the State Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. Speakers from organizations across the state, including Madison’s own MOSES contingent, conveyed passion and knowledge as they unveiled REFORM NOW, a campaign to illuminate failures, share stories, offer solutions and call for accountability at the DOC.  More than 125 people directly impacted by prison injustices, including those recently-released from years in prison, the spouses, children and parents of individuals currently incarcerated, and those who have chosen to stand in solidarity for change were present to work for a better future.#ReformWiscDOCNow

MOSES, or Madison Organizing in Strength, Equality and Solidarity, will continue to play an important role, along with all of the statewide WISDOM affiliates, as we work on criminal justice issues in the months to come. From July through October, REFORM NOW will release briefs on revocations and GPS monitoring, compassionate release, and solitary confinement, culminating in the release of a report on the Wisconsin Department of Corrections in November of 2014.In addition, dedicated MOSES members and task forces will explore the impact of a proposed new jail and will continue to work for treatment alternatives and diversion.Jul9_2

WISDOM is a statewide network of 160 congregations representing 19 faith traditions, and it serves as the convener of the 11×15 campaign to reduce the state prison population from 22,000 to 11,000 by 2015. To support this effort, MOSES welcomes supporters, advocates and contributors to continue the conversation for creating more just and equitable communities throughout Wisconsin.  For additional involvement opportunities and information, please contact

To see the first REFORM NOW brief:

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