Recent Videos

2021-11-20 Transformation Celebration

Learn about MOSES and to celebrate three previously incarcerated individuals who have transformed their lives: Peggy West Schroder, EXPO/WISDOM Organizer, James Hawk, Tellurian
LaToya Greer, FREE Campaign.

2021-05-15 MOSES Lunch and Learn With Myra McNair

Trauma Before Incarceration: Examining the role of
childhood adverse experiences

Myra is a Marriage and Family Therapist, and Trauma Specialist and owner of Anesis Therapy.

Learn about

• Trauma: a root cause of incarceration
• Therapy for traumatized children
• Anesis Therapy’s Mission:

Helping people navigate the mental health and
wellness aspects of their life in a way that honors
culture, family, community, and faith.

2021-04-15 MOSES Presents to Dane County State Senators and Representatives

First of Two Forums on Dane County Sentencng

Second of Two Forums on Dane County Sentencing

Sentencing Violence: How society deals with violent harm.

This video is an excerpt of the first Sentencing Forum specifically dealing with the importance of coming to terms with the sentences given to people who are violent offenders. It also talks about the widespread existence of violence in our society, what happens when we label people as violent offenders and the violence we inflict on people who have caused harm in our society.


2020-11-21 Virtual Transformation Celebration 2020

The MOSES Annual Transformation Celebration 2020, held via Zoom on Nov. 21, lifted up the lives of three persons of perseverance:

  • John Givens, JustDane Circle of Support Coordinator, Mentor

  • Talib Akbar, Solitary Confinement Truck Inventor and Coordinator, Advocate

  • Shanita Lawrence JustDane Case Manager, Role Model

October 22, 2020 Lunch and Learn – With Justice Janine Geske

Judge Geske has been an long time advocate for restorative justice and an advocate for creating a human oriented justice system. She joined us for our first virtual Lunch and Learn on October 21, 2020. (Note that this recording begins with the introduction to Justice Geske.)