Mission Statement

Our mission is to build collective power to dismantle the systems of mass incarceration and mass supervision and to eradicate the racial disparities in our community that contribute to them.


We envision:

  • an end to the systems of mass incarceration and mass supervision;
  • an end to systemic racism;
  • a reallocation of resources to create racial and economic equity;
  • a just society without discrimination in which all people thrive.


  • Human Dignity: We treat all people with respect and dignity.
  • Compassion: We hold concern, love, and acceptance in our hearts for others and support their well-being.
  • Justice: We believe that everyone should have a fair chance to succeed. We intentionally practice the principle of justice in our organization by prioritizing the voices of those who have been directly impacted by the system.
  • Inclusion: We strive to build a diverse organization with distributed leadership and participation by all members.
  • Credibility: We act with honesty and integrity with MOSES members and stakeholders in the public sphere while educating and advocating with evidence-based recommendations.
  • Hope: We remain hopeful even when facing adversity, for we are guided by a vision of a more equitable society.