Why does MOSES need supporters?

MOSES seeks to:

  • Deliver a message of hope, healing, and unity that reaches beyond the divisions of race, creed, and social-economic barriers
  • Build solid relationships with one another and with the greater community.
  • Identify and take action on root causes of poverty, oppression, and injustice.
  • Empower and train leaders to respond to injustices at the local, state, and national level.
  • Be agents of change that build upon and create strong and just communities

These goals are not easy ones, but MOSES is committed to justice work for the long haul, and we need supporters to come together to make sure that we have the resources to meet our commitment.

Supporters are recognized at four levels of annual financial support:

  • Friends ($5-$24)
  • Patrons ($25-$119)
  • Sustainers ($120-$999)
  • Underwriters ($1,000 or more)
    For Sustainers and Underwriters, payments may be made in monthly installments by electronic funds transfer.

Will you join us?

Become a supporter

If you would prefer to pledge your support annually, download our supporter pledge form.

Thank you for your support!

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