The Justice System Reform Initiative (JSRI) is the MOSES task force focused on the Dane County Jail and city and county law enforcement practices. It focuses on the following areas:

Data Analytics

To advocate for a comprehensive justice system data bank that enables analysis and accountability, and to compile existing data that will influence MOSES’ position statements and enable the work of other groups on similar issues.

Jail Issues

To continue meeting with jail staff, work to reduce the use of solitary confinement, and promote well-being of all parties at the jail; to atend PP&J and other County Board meetings in order to track developments related to jail remodeling and to testify for MOSES’ positions.


To review and advocate for implementation of some or all of the 52 recommendations made by the County workgroups in 2015 and 2016 to keep people out of the criminal justice system; to attend CJC meetings in order to track developments related to implementation of the diversion recommendations and to testify for MOSES’ positions.

Crisis Restoration Center

To research who would best benefit from such a center, how other counties/cities have structured and run such programs, to collaborate with mental health experts, and to advocate at the political level with the goal of establishing a Restoration Center for Dane County.

Education and Experiential Learning

To train Justice System Reform Task Force and other MOSES members to engage in difficult discussions, speak confidently on issues, and testify effectively in settings like the County meetings.

News reports

June 10, 2017 Dane County Jail Could be Renovated for $75 million

Board Considers Splitting Jail Renovation into Three Phases