Another $1.5M in TAD Funding Approved!

The state legislature recently approved a $1.5 million annual increase to the TAD (Treatment Alternatives and Diversions) fund.  This builds on the $1.5 increase that was approved in the summer of 2013.  This means that, in the past year, funding has gone from $1 million per year to $4 million per year.  Based on the past performance of TAD programs, we can conservatively estimate that the $3 million/year increase will result in:

  • At least 150 fewer prison admissions per year
  • At least 850 fewer county jail admissions per year
  • A net savings to Wisconsin taxpayers of at least $3 million

1,000 fewer people will be incarcerated every year!  (That is about the same as the number of people who gathered on the Capitol steps last March 14 to call on the legislature to increase TAD funding as a positive step in the 11×15 campaign goal of reducing our prison population.)

It is rare that we can see so clearly the positive impact of our work for justice.  MOSES and the statewide WISDOM network would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation to  everyone who has participated in any way in the 11×15 campaign, as an individual or as a congregational member of MOSES.

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