The Big Share 2024 is Tuesday, March 5

Click here to see our MOSES Big Share site and to donate to MOSES!

You can donate any time from now until midnight on March 5th.

The Big Share - Community Shares of Wisconsin

Your donation will help us reach our goal of $15,000 to support our work advocating to reform the criminal legal system, changing harmful polices that disproportionately affect people who are poor, People of Color, and people suffering from mental illness or substance use disorders.

Donate now or donate on March 5th.

The MOSES POWER HOUR will be from 11am to noon on Tuesday, March 5th.  If MOSES has the most donors or the most money raised during that hour, we  may receive a monetary prize!  Community Shares of Wisconsin also awards prizes for the first and last donation on March 5th.






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